Call the Midwife !

New Birth Company steps out into the big world of television underwriting with our support of Season 3 of Call the Midwife on PBS.  You can watch the teaser here.   For the record, Cathy is a devoted bicycle rider.  Can you imagine us traveling to do our home visits on bikes today?  (smile)

I remember being pregnant in 2003 and *thinking* about Midwives, but not having enough knowledge to make the connection. Does the person that watches Call the Midwife already use Midwives or will she be pleasantly surprised that we exist ?  How did you find a Midwife & the Birth Center?

In between pregnancies, it took a trip to Africa and Haiti for me to understand that women all over the world partner with Midwives for healthy pregnancies and birth.  My trip to Cameroon last fall took my understanding of the Midwife to a new level.  In Africa, rural Community Health Centers are the backbone of the country’s healthcare system.  Most centers are run by a Midwife and the nurses are trained to attend births of healthy women. This woman leader struck me as the Chief Midwife/Family Nurse Practitioner and clearly a well respected leader in the community, recognized by the hospital administrator and the Village Chief. She was running the diabetes screening program, attending births and tracking immunizations for the entire region.  It gave me a new perspective on unleashing her potential here and abroad.   Hey Kansas City…..Call the Midwife !



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